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I love spanking! (between consenting adults) [12 Aug 2011|06:52am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Hi, I am new to this community but not to spanking. I have been excited by spanking since my earliest memories. I enjoy anything to do with spanking between consenting adults: giving, receiving, watching, hearing or reading about, making implements and using them, just anything to do with spanking. I am located in the southwest corner of Connecticut, about 60 miles from New York City. I am single, and I am only interested in female partners, but glad to be friends with anyone. Please feel free to add me and send messages. Happy Spanking!

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Role Playing,... [04 Oct 2008|08:47pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hellow,....Im new here. Im interested in getting a Submissive Female Partner for Role Playing. I would preffer a very thin one but a medium buld one will do as long as She has a qute But. The role playing can be the Naughty School Girl,a Movie or old Television sene,or just made up. I would do basically Over The Knee Open Hand Spankings. I would also like someone to take a photo of at least one of the Spanking sessions to Post on the internet. And filming the act for a You Tube Video would be nice. I Live in New Jersey by the way.

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Subspace? [03 Feb 2008|09:40am]
What usually happens if one is pushed beyond their limits in terms of pain or intensity (specifically in terms of caning)?  Would that be subspace, or might someone just pass out? 
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brats... [14 Nov 2007|03:54am]

My cell rings...
Her voice hurt and accusatory, "I haven't heard from you in a while..." She starts dripping on me and although I can hang up...I simply wait.
"Hello? Are you still there?" a mild panic...almost a faux panic...but...as I have hung up on her before...a genuine question.

"Let's review...someone promised me a date, that they would cook...porkchops, mashed potatoes, dressing, fresh bread...or maybe home-made meatloaf...and that they are very busy so they will call me...
And what did I hear? Someone else got meatloaf? Not me...nope. And its your sons' stupid friend at that...
Now, you call me, drip on me about being neglected...and expect what from me?"

Well, she now wants to change the subject which is no big surprise. ( weg )
She comes to see me and wants permission to get pinecones out of the yard.
As I could care less I assure her it is ok. She comes back to my door asking if I am going to invite her in or not?

As the door closes behind her she has wondered over to the sofa which is ok by me as that is just right. Without hesitation I move to her, wrap my arms around her, and pin her against the sofa with my body. She sputters and starts to fuss to no avail as my hands rapidly find her buttons and suddenly her bare bottom is skyward over the sofa.
She wiggles and kicks, pleading and bargaining, all to no avail.
Her pale bottom turns pink and then slowly starts to redden to a nice hot red.
She is now crying and I stop. I let her up and she turns and starts to apologize to me. I push her backwards over the sofa knowing with her pants around her ankles she will not be able to catch herself. I am amused at the panic in her eyes, the alarm on her face, and the sudden wince as her wieght comes to rest on her freshly spanked bottom. I drop to my knees and burry my face into her thigh muscle. She tries to kick...and involutary motion or reflex but is hindered my my body blocking her and that her pants anchor her response to her other leg. She tries to sit which is anticipated and only ends up placing her nipple in my mouth. As she yanks back in surprise I am careful with the pressure of my teeth and tongue. I hear her slight gasp.

I help her up and will not allow her to pull her pants up.
"Take those off. March your little, brat, butt into the kitchen and make good on your promise." Her pout is entirely ineffective.

But, she is a good cook and knows she will be rewarded later...if she can only keep her attitude toned down a bit. Or...else...be sent home with only a sore bottom...yet again...as pizza is just too easy and quick.
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[14 Nov 2007|03:47am]

She was cute. A small thing... Aged beyond her actual years. She was not pushy...but absolutely focused on getting me into the back room...and I knew that was the score when I went in. Still, it was a little alarming when she wanted to have sex... ...

So, her english was pretty good. Both of us were awkward with french, but she understood...I wanted an older girl. She got hot. 'She was plenty woman!' ( g )
I told her she was 'head-woman' and in my younger days...I thought this would both appease her and ease my way to an older girl. I was wrong.
She did take the money...funny looking shtuff...more like monopoly money than 'real' money, but, she came back with an older girl and the one I had asked for. ( ! ) Well, I had expected that. ( ? )
She patiently waited on us. Also...awkward...for me...even though I have had to deal with older sisters being hot for boys and the mom tagging a little sister along with us as a deterent...wishful thinking on the mom's part. Never under estimate the power of the sibling threat with sibling know-how. It is fierce and merciless stuff!
The older girl left and I...seemed to have inherited a pet or gopher. I dozed for a moment. Much of the recent stress releived...my senses wake me just in time to see the little shit taking off with my boots. Nope. Will give the kid all the funny money she wants...but she may not have my boots. Nope. Jiffy quick after her and I will say in spite of her obvious superior knowledge of the land she could flat scoot. Yeeee-ee-eeeesh!
Now...in my defense I will also say I was forced into going slower as I had no intentions of walking into an ambush. I caught her just outside of the town or almost got a solid hand on her and her little dress came right off. Slipperry little shit at that! As I am not going back to base wearing her dress instead of my boots...I entered the little shack ready for combat and found myself alone with her backed into a corner. I immediately checked my backtrail but it was clear....
I motioned for her to give me back my property and she almost dodged around me.
Nope. She easily landed over my knee and to my embarrassment I must admit she was much woman despite her age. I spanked her little round bottom several times and scolded her soundly. I carefully let her up....watching my boots...and she just sat down in the filth with me and cried.
After I got both boots back on I comforted her and that was when I found out how shtewpid I had really been. "Head-woman" means like head of house...or mistress of the house or caretaker of The Home...kind of a thing...
And that is what she wanted. She wanted to live in that little shack, wanted me to come to her. she would cook and clean for me. Sew for me and pillow with me in the cold...
I knew other guys were doing it...and I knew what her life would be like otherwise. Was this any worse? She wouldn't look at me. I had no idea how many other guys had chased her here...or would chase her here...
We talked for a while and for the next 3 years she honored her arrangment. She cooked and cleaned. She sewed. She fanned me on hot nights and snuggled with me on cold nights. She fiercely protected what was hers...including Me! She shopped, honestly, no more stealing. she brought me the change...and all of it. As well as 'older girls' when I asked for them...I never had sex with her. She was old enough just before I was due to leave, but, by then...I just could not see her that way.
She sang for me, learned to play cards and dance for me...at least we will call it singing.
( soft smile )

And that was the first time I had to find a brother to take care of a slave for me.

I occassionally get letters from her...and a few pics from time to time. I was not surprised to learn she had made her way to the states.
Nor that she had married and divorced. She still tells me that I am her Master...and the Master of her heart, which is sweet...
She was always attentive to me and I never spanked her again. I will confess to giving her a playful swat to speed her along from time to time but she was not lazy by any means. She was a very good Head Woman.

She broke my heart that little one. She sewed it back together thought... ( g )
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Greetings!! [04 Nov 2007|08:30pm]

Hello all. I'm new.

I love to be spanked...as I'm sure you could assume.

Read more...Collapse )

I hope you all enjoy that.

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Let's play a game... [21 Oct 2007|11:01pm]

[ mood | devious ]

I've been very naughty lately. I need a good spanking. Who wants to spank me for being naughty? Tell me how you'd spank me. Please? =)

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Christmas List [21 Oct 2007|07:42pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

Check out this set from Victoria's Secret:


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AgePlay [21 Oct 2007|02:30pm]


Ok so we have a new ageplay forum, it is on my friends own paid site, SO NO ADS!! YAY!It is a safe place to chat and do whatever!
Bigs and Littles are welcome! We have weekly coloring pages, we have weekly workbooks to do if you would like:)
We have chatting and games, craft ideas, birthdays and lots lots more!! You should check it out its free, and like I said a safe place to talk:) it was made by her and I, no one else, so IT IS  A SAFE PLACE!
We already have some players, daddies, and littles any where from ages 2-12! but all are welcome! we just started so there are only about 12 or so of us, but we are growing! we will have lots more to do on there as well!!You must be 18+ to join!! Thanks and ENJOY!!


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just an update for you folks in florida [17 Oct 2007|12:48pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]


I remember someone asking about Florida get-together place for spankees and spankers alike.

I am sorry it took me this long but I don't have places like this saved and have to peruse a lot of old links and sub links and sub sub sub links to find these places again.

I think I was also asked for a Norwegian spanking get together group. I am still looking. I haven't forgotten about you.... er, unless you see me sleeping then feel free to nudge me and remind me to look for it. I'm getting old ya know.. heh heh

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Hi there! [19 Sep 2007|10:33pm]

It's been a long time since I posted here! Please check out my journal and add me if you're interested! I'm always looking for new friends! xoxo


-- Sierra Salem
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stories [18 Oct 2007|11:16pm]


Been very quiet on here lately.....as it has on my behind.......Some one tell me some stories/fantasies so that i may live vacariously through them!!!

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a bit of role playing [08 Aug 2007|01:34pm]

I'd always wanted to try a bit of roleplaying, so i decided to put my little plan into action when i saw my boyfriend for the first time in about 6 months. i dressed myself in a cute short plaid skirt, with pink panties underneath, a tight tank top and pig tails.
i wrote up this random "test" that I'd failed in school and came into his room. i was pouting and dragging my feet as i walked over to his bed where he was sitting.
"Daddy, you told me to bring you my test." i stood in front of him, looking at the floor at my ruffly socks. at first he looked confused, but then he started to go along with it. he reached out his large rough hands for the test and i handed it to him. his brow furrowed as he looked at it and he started to shake his head. i knew then that i was in big trouble. my eyes welled up with tears a little and i hung my head. he looked at my sternly and said,
"Gabrielle, you know you are going to have to be punished for this right? how many time have i told you that you need to do well in school. you are such a naughty little girl."
i started to cry a little and begged him no and told him id be a good girl and that his baby girl was sorry but he said he didnt care. i tried to fight him as he picked me up and put me over his knee. i started to kick and he told me that it would be even worse if i didnt stop. i complied, regretfully and sighed deeply, trying to keep from sobbing. he started spanking me with my panties on first, his large hand slapping my bottom. i could feel it redden with hottness and then he slowly slid my panties down and he was spanking harder...
i was moaning and yelping and asking daddy to stop. my ass was so hott and it hurt, but i knew that i was getting wet. he stopped spanking me suddenly, and i thought my punishment was over, and then he started to rub my ass. he was being gently, trying to make me feel better, or so i thought. i let out a small moan and he slapped my ass again hard, and told me to stop being naughty. i bit my lip hard and he just kept spanking.
i whined to daddy, telling him to stop it and his response was pushing his finger into my pussy. i gasped and my hips bucked a little and he told me me that i was getting wet which waranted more punishment and he spanked me more as he stuck another finger inside of me and fingered me whilst he spanked me, until i was cumming hard and my hips were bucking.
soon, he thought i was punished enough. he let me get off of his lap and lay back on the bed. he held me and cuddled me, telling me that i needed to be daddys good girl and not get into anymore trouble or next time it would be worse.
i told daddy that i was his baby girl and that i was sorry and would be a good girl from now on. i told him that i loved him and he help me close as his fingers moved to my clit and he began to rub again. i came almost instantly as he dipped his finger into my pussy and back out again to my clit. he kissed my forehead and told me that daddy love his baby girl and stroked my hair until i fell sleep snuggled up with him.
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Questions Questions [04 Aug 2007|09:10am]

Inspired by spankingjourney

1. First spanking experience
I can really remember! I would have been around 18 but cant remember the exact situation.

2. Last spanking experience
Quite a while ago, a few months now. Cant remember what i had done but i recieved several with the strp while laid down on the bed!

3. First time you thought about spankings
It was a natural progression from the bondage i was into at the time. Although when i got in to the scene i was much more dom and as ive got older ive become more submissive.

4. How often do you think about spankings
At the moment....alot.

5. how often do you want/need/have (to give) a spanking
A couple of times a month usually but it varies. Some times its once a week then some times quite a long period of time.

6. Local spanking events others might be interested in
There are a few fetish clubs in my area but nothing specifically spanking related that i know about.

7. Favorite instrument (hand, paddle, crop, switch,...)
The bare hand is my favourite but out of the instruments i like the strap......i hate the tawse, i only get that when ive been especially bad! I also like how the riding crop leaves awsome marks!

8. Favorite position (yeah I know this is OTK spankings but it isnt the ONLY way ...just the BEST way : I like lying down or OTK. STanding up is more about induance for me. I find it much more intense that way because i have to concentrate on staying standing!! :)

9. "How/Why you would spank the last person on the thread" game
Well i guess i would give her a good few with the riding crop! Depending on how naughty she'd been ;)
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[03 Aug 2007|06:58pm]

Hey! I'm a new member and I love spanking. I even recently put up a blog devoted to it, at least my experiences of spanking with my boyfriend!

Anyway, as a response to lonewulf04's question and suggestions, I'm going to make the initiative and answer some of his questions there in his post. I hope other people who claim they love spanking (as some of the introductions say) will prove it (wink!) and follow suit. Or maybe you guys and girls need some ... *encouraging*? A slap on the butt or a good birching perhaps? ;-)

1. First spanking experience
About a week after officially being together with my current boyfriend, he offered to play a "game" with me. I was sort of shocked and resisted at first (where our scenarios turned into hostage-breaking-loose and similar) but quite suddenly I liked it. After several weeks more, hands and book-spanking (the only implements we could think of in his room) were replaced with birching, carpet beating, brushing. :-) I'm glad he introduced me to it becuase I ended up liking it really much.

2. Last spanking experience
This afternoon! Marcus used the carpetbeater on me as I leaned over the arm of the sofa. I was asked not to move or to make any loud sobbing sounds, so I ended up crying. At the end though, I loved him for it and if it were just socially acceptable, I would walk all over town displaying my welts.

3. First time you thought about spankings
Never before Marcus introduced it to me. I used to associate it with abusiveness, or spankos with leather, chains and the works. Turns out there are many differrent levels of spankings, and so many emotions like trust and comfort and guilt-release which is involved. Of course there's also the fun aspects. :-)

4. How often do you think about spankings
From time to time I request for it (like today). I like looking at others' spanking blogs and get some inspiration. Sometimes when I see other people on the street I also wonder if they're into spanking or if they would make a good spanker heheh.

5. how often do you want/need/have (to give) a spanking
Right now, after having read some about domestic discipline, we are thinking of having an arrangement of spanking each other whenever we break something from a "contract" of things-to-do or not to do. But maybe I want a good really hard spanking twice or thrice a month. Lately we've been spanking each other pretty often though, almost everyday.

6. Local spanking events others might be interested in
Not here in Sweden as far as I know! The spanking forums here are not much... even worse inactivity than these LJ ones heheh.

7. Favorite instrument (hand, paddle, crop, switch,...)
Read the first entry of our blog! :-)

8. Favorite position (yeah I know this is OTK spankings but it isnt the ONLY way ...just the BEST way :WEG:
Read the first entry of our blog! :-) (hard sell, tsk tsk!)

9. "How/Why you would spank the last person on the thread" game
Does that mean you lonewulf04? Hmm I dunno yet but beware, I'm in a birching mood the past few weeks. It's so light I could spank someone with it for hours without hurting my hand, but your butt will surely feel every second of it :-D I recommenf you give birching a try!


Hope others answer back!
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[11 Jun 2007|02:28am]

[ mood | distressed ]

Is this just for people to come by and say "hello" or is there any threads that get this place going?
Not saying I am the most glib and talkative person either, butt there has to be more to any groups then just coming by and making an introduction???
Thoughts for topic threads:

  • First spanking experience
  • Last spanking experience
  • First time you thought about spankings
  • How often do you think about spankings
  • how often do you want/need/have (to give) a spanking
  • Local spanking events others might be interested in
  • Favorite instrument (hand, paddle, crop, switch,...)
  • Favorite position (yeah I know this is OTK spankings but it isnt the ONLY way ...just the BEST way :WEG:
  • "How/Why you would spank the last person on the thread" game
Any other ideas folks?
What do you think?

"Butt" was an intentional typo :}
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[09 Jun 2007|05:59pm]

<a href="http://community.livejournal.com/proudsexists"><img src="http://www.weblogimages.com/v.p?uid=proudsexist1&pid=560740&sid=bft87atKL5"/></a>
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[26 May 2007|10:06pm]

Hiya folks. Long time enthusiast, but new to this group and site. I hope I made an entry in the correct location here! LOL
Top, Single, easy going, Not really looking for now but always keeping an ear open for friends
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Me presento [04 May 2007|08:27pm]

Hola soy Hispano parlante

Saludos a toda la comunidad.
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Hi! [04 May 2007|03:43pm]

I'm new here, but I love giving a bad girl a nice spanking. Cheers!
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