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Inspired by spankingjourney

1. First spanking experience
I can really remember! I would have been around 18 but cant remember the exact situation.

2. Last spanking experience
Quite a while ago, a few months now. Cant remember what i had done but i recieved several with the strp while laid down on the bed!

3. First time you thought about spankings
It was a natural progression from the bondage i was into at the time. Although when i got in to the scene i was much more dom and as ive got older ive become more submissive.

4. How often do you think about spankings
At the moment....alot.

5. how often do you want/need/have (to give) a spanking
A couple of times a month usually but it varies. Some times its once a week then some times quite a long period of time.

6. Local spanking events others might be interested in
There are a few fetish clubs in my area but nothing specifically spanking related that i know about.

7. Favorite instrument (hand, paddle, crop, switch,...)
The bare hand is my favourite but out of the instruments i like the strap......i hate the tawse, i only get that when ive been especially bad! I also like how the riding crop leaves awsome marks!

8. Favorite position (yeah I know this is OTK spankings but it isnt the ONLY way ...just the BEST way : I like lying down or OTK. STanding up is more about induance for me. I find it much more intense that way because i have to concentrate on staying standing!! :)

9. "How/Why you would spank the last person on the thread" game
Well i guess i would give her a good few with the riding crop! Depending on how naughty she'd been ;)
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