Master`s Kitty (daddys_kitten) wrote in otk_spanking,
Master`s Kitty


Ok so we have a new ageplay forum, it is on my friends own paid site, SO NO ADS!! YAY!It is a safe place to chat and do whatever!
Bigs and Littles are welcome! We have weekly coloring pages, we have weekly workbooks to do if you would like:)
We have chatting and games, craft ideas, birthdays and lots lots more!! You should check it out its free, and like I said a safe place to talk:) it was made by her and I, no one else, so IT IS  A SAFE PLACE!
We already have some players, daddies, and littles any where from ages 2-12! but all are welcome! we just started so there are only about 12 or so of us, but we are growing! we will have lots more to do on there as well!!You must be 18+ to join!! Thanks and ENJOY!!

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