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My cell rings...
Her voice hurt and accusatory, "I haven't heard from you in a while..." She starts dripping on me and although I can hang up...I simply wait.
"Hello? Are you still there?" a mild panic...almost a faux I have hung up on her before...a genuine question.

"Let's review...someone promised me a date, that they would cook...porkchops, mashed potatoes, dressing, fresh bread...or maybe home-made meatloaf...and that they are very busy so they will call me...
And what did I hear? Someone else got meatloaf? Not me...nope. And its your sons' stupid friend at that...
Now, you call me, drip on me about being neglected...and expect what from me?"

Well, she now wants to change the subject which is no big surprise. ( weg )
She comes to see me and wants permission to get pinecones out of the yard.
As I could care less I assure her it is ok. She comes back to my door asking if I am going to invite her in or not?

As the door closes behind her she has wondered over to the sofa which is ok by me as that is just right. Without hesitation I move to her, wrap my arms around her, and pin her against the sofa with my body. She sputters and starts to fuss to no avail as my hands rapidly find her buttons and suddenly her bare bottom is skyward over the sofa.
She wiggles and kicks, pleading and bargaining, all to no avail.
Her pale bottom turns pink and then slowly starts to redden to a nice hot red.
She is now crying and I stop. I let her up and she turns and starts to apologize to me. I push her backwards over the sofa knowing with her pants around her ankles she will not be able to catch herself. I am amused at the panic in her eyes, the alarm on her face, and the sudden wince as her wieght comes to rest on her freshly spanked bottom. I drop to my knees and burry my face into her thigh muscle. She tries to kick...and involutary motion or reflex but is hindered my my body blocking her and that her pants anchor her response to her other leg. She tries to sit which is anticipated and only ends up placing her nipple in my mouth. As she yanks back in surprise I am careful with the pressure of my teeth and tongue. I hear her slight gasp.

I help her up and will not allow her to pull her pants up.
"Take those off. March your little, brat, butt into the kitchen and make good on your promise." Her pout is entirely ineffective.

But, she is a good cook and knows she will be rewarded later...if she can only keep her attitude toned down a bit. sent home with only a sore bottom...yet pizza is just too easy and quick.
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